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No one wants to be the guy that can’t quite finish the job. 

Not having the energy to perform at your best in the most important areas of your life is frustrating. It’s embarrassing. And, right or wrong, it can make you FEEL like less than the hero you are. 

Maybe you’ve fallen behind during a shift? 

Maybe when you’ve gotten home you’ve had to tell the kids to give you a few minutes? But that then turned into a few hours… or the next day… or the next week. 

And maybe, more often than you care to admit, you just don’t have the energy or the drive you used to in the bedroom?  

If this hits a little too close to home, you’re not the only one. 

In a recent survey of 1,000 adults(1), half of all respondents reported feeling tired between 3 and 7 days per week. 

This being tired affected mood, willingness to engage with others in the evenings, ability to focus, exercise, and productivity.

As a Thinline Hero, you’ve probably also seen this show up firsthand in many of the accidents to which you’ve been called to respond. 

And just like being too tired can literally wreck a morning commute, being too tired can wreck your career and your relationships too. 


So how are most people dealing with this pervasive tiredness? 

According to research, the most common coping “strategies” were “shake it off and keep going” followed by drinking coffee and taking a nap.

Sound familiar? 

If so, you should know that’s not a strategy. That’s wishful thinking and a disaster waiting to happen. 

At best you’ll destroy your body and mind slowly over time. At worst, you’ll be the cause of an accident where people you care about get hurt or even killed. 

That’s not what we want for you.

Listen, if you want to be able to perform at your best throughout your shift AND have a little something-something left over when you get home, then you need to give your body the support it needs. 

That’s why we created  Hose Dragger

Hose Dragger is our all-natural supplement for men. It has everything you need to increase vitality while giving you the endurance you need to go hard your entire shift and go just as hard when you get home. 

Just one capsule of Hose Dragger each day helps you:

  • Keep energy levels up with a mild dose of caffeine
  • Improve your sex drive and the ability to maintain “hose pressure”
  • Boost the ‘good’ type of cholesterol in a healthy way
  • Relieve stress levels and help you unwind
  • Fight off cellular damage with antioxidants 

At this point you might be wondering how just one capsule per day can give you all these benefits, yeah? Glad you asked…

How Hose Dragger Works

Hose Dragger is formulated using eight elite libido stimulants from traditional medicine and practices around the globe. Each ingredient perks up your body and ensures you’re able to play as hard as you work. 

These elite eight ingredients include:


This B Vitamin has been shown to improve cholesterol in a healthy, manageable way. Higher cholesterol in men can help overcome or stave off ED.


We’ve fine tuned our zinc dosage to give you just the right amount to stimulate the body and prevent infertility.


This plant dates back to ancient Egypt and is one of the few aphrodisiacs to hold up in scientific studies, shown to enhance the sex drive by up to 25%. Plus it’s been shown to reduce blood sugar and harmful fats. 

Tribulus Terrestris

Touted as the “ultimate male tonic” for over 5,000 years, it stimulates the body’s ability to  boost testosterone which can also help build muscle.

Maca Powder

Used by the Ancient Incan people for sexual wellness, this holistic herb has been touted for improving fertility and your ability to have sex. 

Tongkat Ali Root Powder

Used in Southeast Asian medicine for centuries, this stimulating herb has been linked to preventing male infertility and erectile disfunction. 

Horny Goat Weed Extract

As the name suggests, this libido-boosting plant stems from Ancient Chinese medicine, designed to level up energy and libido levels in one fell swoop. 

Panax Ginseng Root 

Panax translated to ancient Greek means “panacea” because of this herb’s history as “the ultimate herb to enhance wellness.”  It’s been studied by various cultures throughout the years and shown over and over to increase energy levels, improve mood, enhance decision making, endure cold weather, and even inhibit or reverse the growth of cancer cells. We’ve added it for its ability to increase blood flow. 

Pretty impressive, right? 

One more thing…

We’ve priced this supplement at a ridiculously low price because we’ve been in your boots. We know the struggle. Like we said, you’re not alone. 

That’s why  Hose Dragger is a steal compared to most other men’s supplements on the market.

How much of a steal? 

Well, when you consider those other brands can cost $75-$150 per month, you’ll be blown away when you  see the ridiculously low price of Hose Dragger

Here’s to making the most of longer, harder days ahead. ;)

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