May 26, 2022 2 min read

Whether you realize it or not, iodine is an often overlooked nutrient that is crucial to keep your body and mind in tip-top shape.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get more iodine in your diet without sucking on a swab from the EMT’s rig. 

First, let’s look at 3 reasons to consider upping your iodine consumption:

ONE - Helps control metabolism. Thanks to its effect on the Thyroid gland, iodine helps regulate hormone production. If you or someone you know has ever struggled to lose or gain weight, the thyroid could be to blame. 

TWO - Improves cognitive function. Iodine has long been known to be critical for fetal development. And with recent understanding about our ability to continue to develop and fine-tune our brains throughout life, some people believe iodine can help in that ongoing development. 

THREE - Protects from pathogens. One doctor revealed iodine may have an effect similar to antibiotics without damaging healthy gut bacteria. 

Plus, several  more reasons to consider getting more iodine in your diet like energy, hair growth, and even fluoride detoxification. 

So with all these benefits how do you safely get more iodine in your diet? 

Here are 5 Foods You Can Eat To Get More Iodine:

  1. Dairy - Milk, yogurt and cottage cheese all contain varying amounts of iodine. But on average, you can expect to get about half your daily recommended allowance per cup of dairy.
  2. Iodized Salt - One of the reasons we’re getting less iodine in our diets is that over the last few decades salt became “bad”. However,  Pub Med research shows that the sodium in salt may only be an issue for about 25% of the population. 
  3. Eggs -Another food that was unfairly villanized over the last few decades is the dependable egg. Eggs provide a lean source of protein, healthy fats and a host of vitamins and minerals… all in less than 100 calories. And, the yolks are god source of iodine. 
  4. Seafood - Tuna, Shrimp, Cod and Seaweed are all good sources of iodine. The highest amounts of iodine seem to come from the leanest fish. So, unfortunately, Salmon doesn’t get it done. 
  5. Prunes - Looking for a snack that has vitamin K, potassium and iron? Prunes are your snack. They also contain about 9% of your daily iodine needs. Finally, prunes may help improve heart health and decrease the risk of colon cancer. 

In short, there foods you can eat to get your iodine needs covered. However, other than eggs, you won’t find these foods a regular and consistent part of most people’s diets. 

That’s why we created Reload. Reload is a 6-in-1 supplement designed to give you the nutrients you need when you can’t eat the foods required. Consider Reload  your “nutritional insurance policy.” 

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