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NOTE: We have Recently Rebranded to Thin Line Anthem but we're still the same great brand with the great products aimed at helping the First Responder Community



Video Transcript;



Grant: What's up everybody my name is grant Dunn I'm the co-owner of one of the owners of Thin Fit Line and I'm here with my friend actually one of my best friends Dan McBride he's actually the founder of Thin Fit Line and, the creator of Heroes Pack and we're just here to talk to you about our product. right talk to you about what's in fit line is what the purpose and the vision is behind the brand and really Dan's going to be talking about I'll be interviewing him because as I said he's the creator he's the founder he's the one that kind of had the vision for this brand and so I'm gonna let him do most of the talking today.


But before I do that, I want to read to you kind of an introduction about Dan so you can understand who he is what he's about and why you should listen to what he has to say about Thin Fit Line.


So, Dan comes from the family of First Responders and his own father is a firefighter and he's a firefighter Fire Commissioner and Fire Captain Dan was a volunteer firefighter for three years and worked as a corrections officer at Chelan County Juvenile Detention Center and then at the Northwest Detention Center in a U.S. homeland security immigration prison located in Tacoma Washington for six years where he is still remembered for single-handedly launching a labor union becoming its first president and the contract negotiator for over 500 employees to this day Dan receives and tells me stories about receiving messages from officers who are still benefitting or who have never met Dan and are benefiting from the tireless work and dedication to the launch of that labor union.


Thin Fit Line is a labor of love you'll also spot for those who have dedicated their lives to their communities Dan has a passion to serve and protect those who serve and protect us so like I said guys my name is Grant Dunn from Wenatchee Washington Dan here is from Bellingham Washington currently but he's originally from Wenatchee Washington.


We grew up together, we played high school football together we worked out in the gym together all summer long in the offseason and he's a great guy. He's a good genuine guy. He's one of the few people that I was friends with in high school and he made it a really good effort to maintain our friendship and we've been hanging out ever since, and we have a lot of fun snowboarding together, yeah we drink wine, together we have a lot of fun. 


So, I'm just gonna let Dan talk a little bit about himself so go ahead and I want you to see a little backstory about who you are and more specifically your history in the first-responder niche.


Dan: So first off, hello everybody that's watching right now. It's like 2000 (people) Regan said hi what's up Tony how are you doing man?


Yeah, so like I was saying I'm from Wenatchee area and I worked in Corrections for about 7 years I was at Northwest detention center and then Ashland County Juvenile part-time I was a volunteer firefighter for Douglas County for a couple of years when I was about 18-19 yeah so you know I'm just in the First Responder work field it can be stressful there could be just some trials that happen you see some things and it's stress-related you know and I had a great time working in the field I really enjoyed what I did and grew up with my father being a firefighter and then working his way up to captain then Fire Commissioner so I grew up in the firehouse and that kind of family feel of just all the guys that he worked with. Anytime I came over when I was a kid this made me feel at home and they kind of became like a big giant family and that's kind of like this brand is we're a family for First Responders and we care about you guys.


Grant: So why don't you talk a little bit about some of the things you saw in the First-Responder world? 


Right? Police Officers, Firefighters we are talking about your nurses EMTs, Search and Rescue, Corrections...


Why don't you just talk about some of the problems that you saw in that job field and what kind of possessed you to create Thin Fit Line?


Dan: Alright, what spurred on the vision was mainly people in that field with their stress and they're just being worn down from all the hours of work, long hours shift work, taking the stress and trials they were seeing and dealing with at work and resorting to Alcohol or Tobacco to kind of numb those things, and so, my idea with Thin Fit Line was really to create a product and a brand that First Responders can be proud of it's for them we donate to nonprofits that get back to those First Responders and, one; make sure that these products were everything that you guys wanted this first product that was created the Heroes pack was actually designed because you guys told me what you wanted and you know through surveys and the website everything and that's where heroes pack came about.


Grant: So, Thin Fit Line is a health and nutrition brand line that is created with the First Responder in mind because of some of the things like for example; the statistic in suicides in law enforcement compared to just what’s in the workforce. 


Dan: Oh yeah like last year in 2017 they came back with the survey that showed that there were more suicides in firefighters and law enforcement than there was line of duty deaths. 


It just goes to show you that there's a lot of stuff going on in your mind and people aren't dealing with the stress like they should by working out, eating right, and dealing with it in that way and that was kind of what this brand was. To kind of motivate First Responders to want to have a healthier lifestyle, to eat right, to work out, that kind of thing. 


Grant: So we're talking about a product you guys this is the flagship product heroes pack okay Thin Fit Line is the brand hero pack is the name of our first product that Dan created right and like he said he surveyed he actually did some marketing brought in some feedback from First Responders from you guys who are part of this page and that's what really led you to create a multivitamin first do you want to talk a little bit about what is in this product and, really like what is it what does a First Responder go through or experience in their house that this product was designed to help aid and protect them from? 


Dan: Yeah, so every ingredient was hand-picked for the needs of First Responders so we got heart support and then we got respiratory support in there we got mind clarity in there, we got adrenal support, we got apple cider vinegar in there so, all these ingredients are like roots and herbs and all-natural ingredients.


Grant: 42 fruits and vegetables


Dan: Right 42 fruits and vegetables extracts and that and you know as a First Responder you like we've talked about a couple of times with a lot of stress and with stress comes you know problems with your body and so like the ingredients in there are to help boost your energy help you get some sleep at night I just you know all around feel better as a whole and there's also agents in the there that are you know like cancer-fighting you know just to help your blood stay clean but also brought some really good ingredients packed full I mean this the ingredients in here I mean you guys can see it but it's not your typical nutritional label there is you know it's about twice the size of other you know vitamin packs you would see out there and that's because we're jam-packed full of good stuff. 


Grant: Right, right, so if you guys are jumping on or you're on the call right now if you would actually just throw a comment. We're gonna give away this bottle of hero's pack right here so if you just drop a comment maybe like the post, some of you have already done that for us so

thank you very much for that. 


Dan: Yeah, share it too, share it around I mean let people see it and know more about this.


Grant: Yeah we want more people to know about this because this isn't just a brand - so this isn't just an opportunity for us to sell a product Dan created this product because he has a passion for this group of people right? For First Responders. He was raised in this in this atmosphere his dad being a firefighter he knows what it's like to be in that family in fact not only that but you have EMTs in your family and several other firefighters so if this is like kind of a this is part of who you are right?


It's not to mention you actually work in the field - right so you know he's seen a lot of crazy things right and you know you told me some stories that aren't even related to...You told, you know, I don't have to tell his stories, I don't know if it's really good, but, you know Dan's told me the story of when you guys were going over the pass and a couple of motorcycles passed you and your dad being a firefighter you guys came rolling up on something that was pretty tragic you guys jumped out and did what a firefighter would do and Dan had to, you know, experience that as a young guy and he came back to high school I don't know the story but he came back to school and we were in the cafeteria and he started telling the story and I'm thinking to myself as like a 17-year-old kid oh my gosh if I had to experience that if I had to touch what Danny had to touch I mean would that scared the snot out of me right and but you handled it like a man obviously handled it like a true firefighter like a true hero and that's why it's called heroes back you guys.


Because you know we got we got superheroes on TV we got superheroes in you know the Marvel Comics and the DC comics and all the cool movies they come out with but they're not real superheroes that's it that's fantasy, right? But our firefighters our law enforcement our nurses our EMTs our search and rescue our freakin' canines you know those are real heroes and that's what we create a product and I think you have a vision to go beyond Hero's Pack right here this is just the beginning so why don't you talk a little bit about some of the other products that you have in mind for the future…


Dan: Yeah so this is just one product. Like you were saying of many we're gonna launch this is a starting point but you know the main ones that we're looking at doing right now after the vitamin pack, then a protein like a plant-based all-natural protein, a pre-workout making that all all-natural ingredients as well and like a sleep aide pill to kind of help when you're all those long hours and you know being manned owed mandatory overtime getting called in for another shift or working a long shift because of a call sometimes you just need a good night's rest and so that's important so we're... and that's another thing is these products aren't just being picked because it sounds good you guys have told us what you need. So we're working with you too and if there are other things out that you guys are wanting to know, let us know, we're gonna look into it we're gonna provide the best product we can possibly come up with and yeah that's all.


Grant: Heroes pack is a product for Heroes and also you know the people who serve and protect our communities and it's also for the communities that our Heroes serve and protect right? 


This isn't just a product for First Responders but, the mission is First Responders. The mission is firefighters, police officers, nurses, EMTs but it's a product that is good enough for First Responders, therefore, it's good enough for everybody.


Dan: Yeah


Grant: Right? It really is fantastic.  


If you guys are interested in looking at more details about Heroes Pack you can go to, you can also go to there's a link inside the top of this post right in the subject line of this post you can click on it'll take you to our Amazon listing and you can do more research on it there and take a look at like again all the nutritional details you know some of the description all details it talks about the different ingredients and stuff like that and the benefits. If you go to but you if you don't just click on the link you can also just search “heroes pack multivitamin” it'll be probably the first thing that comes up and you can just click on that app and take a look at heroes pack and we really appreciate your support because we do have a vision to grow this to be much bigger and much more than just one product. And we're also affiliated with a couple of nonprofits. Why don't you.. do you know the names of our nonprofits? Talk about them what they're about 


Dan: yes it was kind of the first vision of mine besides what the products and ingredients were was to give back and did a lot of research on nonprofit organizations that were in the area you know just nationwide that take care of the firefighters law enforcement First Responders and the first one eye contact was, it's called cops, concerned with police survivors and what they do is they give back to the families of law enforcement officers that have died in the line of duty and they make sure they're taken care of. 


The other one is the National Fallen Firefighters Association and you know, same kind of deal with firefighters we're still in contact with a lot of different nonprofits we just want to make sure that the ones we partner with are really giving back to you guys. That's super important. 


But if you want to know more about the nonprofit's if you've never heard them before on our website there is a link that talks about nonprofit partners and you can click on that link takes you to their website and you can learn more about it. You can donate you know, you can even throw a donation in there. But one thing you should know is without every sale that we, that we get from our products we give percentages back to those nonprofits so we want to say that we are literally giving a percentage to these nonprofits so they can give it to the people that need them.


The contacts I've made with these nonprofit organizations are great people Chris over at COPS he actually purchased heroes pack he's been taking it and so yeah these guys were behind the brand 100% just like we're behind with them. 


Grant: Yeah it's a great product, you guys. You know we have a vision to see this on retail shelves we want to see it all over the internet and we need your help we really do. We need your help to support us and build this brand into something great again a portion of everything that we make from a portion of the profits that we make from the sale of this product will go to those nonprofits. Who knows someday we might make our own nonprofit


Dan: Yeah, right that’s the plan. 


Grant: Yeah we have I think we have a pretty awesome vision and in fact sometimes it's funny you know I'm an emotional guy and you guys might learn that over time if we get in front of you a little bit more regularly. But there's been a couple of conversations where we've had where we've really been talking about, really, the vision, and how we want to serve and protect those who serve and protect and man I get in tears sometimes. I was actually talking to my brother Taylor who works for me and we were talking about the brand a couple of days ago and I was just getting emotional thinking about things that we can do to really help and change lives you know it's pretty cool so is there anything else you want to talk to or say about Heroes pack or talk...


Dan: First of all, you guys I want to thank you if you've purchased a bottle heroes pack or two or three. Some of you have, we love you we appreciate you you're awesome right you're like our early adopters your early ambassadors and we need your help so we do appreciate it so much.


Dan: I'm looking through these messages here it looks like we've had a couple of questions I wouldn't mind getting to those real quick.


What can this product do for heart attack victims? - from Glen Widener 


Dan: Yeah so about that; so Glen, what I can tell you is that there is heart support vitamin supplements in this product.


I don't have the specifics right now that I can give you and I don't even really know what it will do for you in particular or for somebody who is a heart attack victim and I don't want to give you false information. 


So what we’ll do is we’ll look more into the question, I'll contact you and let you know what, exactly, it will do for a heart attack victim but it does have that heart support in there. 


Grant: Here's the deal go do some research I know Danny will too because he's done a lot of framing this doesn't happen by accident you guys this is a there's a lot of people who sell products on Amazon professionally and haven't done anything like this and Dan did


And so what I can tell you is; There are ingredients, I know there are ingredients in here that do support heart health we aren't nutritionist experts. Some day we may hire a nutritionist to work on our team but we have partnered up with the people who helped us create this product and they are experts in this field. They are experts in nutrition and supplements and that was one of the big things you asked them to help us with was to have something for heart health as well as respiratory and all that other stuff. That's a great question Glen thank you so much.


Dan: Smooth how are you doing buddy? 


Grant: Do you want me to read this?


Dan: Yeah.



Question - Are the watches and all the apparel items going to be part of the Thin Fit Line?


Dan: Yeah that's that's another goal of ours too is to get some apparel out there some hats shirts workout attire. You know nothing set in stone yet but that's soon to come if you guys have any interest or anything you know would like to have. To take to the gym or whatever else just let us know we love hearing feedback from you guys we love knowing what your needs are so we can make things happen but yeah.


Grant: Cool. If you guys have any other questions and I'll remind you if you are one of our viewers that are just getting on we are giving away this bottle of Heroes pack so if you'd like to; like, comment, possibly share this on your wall...commenting is at least one is required right? 


Actually, I would say commenting is at least required right but you don't have to share it to your wall if you don't want to yet but we would appreciate it. We will be giving a bottle of this (heroes pack) we’ll just hand-select somebody who maybe has or hasn't already bought one before. Either way, we are gonna give away some product. Who knows? Might give away two bottles just for fun.


Dan: One one thing too, with the Heroes Pack is; there are 30 packets in this product and so it's about a month's supply. Yeah, so that’s pretty neat. The actual pills themselves, we made sure they're a little bit smaller than our competitors out there. 


Because that's one thing that seems to be an issue is when you get a multivitamin or multivitamins. They're horse pills! And a lot of people they get tired of it after a while but, what's neat about these is, there's six pills inside the pack but you can actually pull these apart and pour the powder into like a protein shake or like a smoothie or something like that. Oh, it looks like Grant is taking his today. Or, you can be like grant take all six the same time. I usually have to split up.


Grant: That’s practice right? I learned that in high school right? 


Dan: I encourage you guys just, just check it out you know I honestly even this would buy it today just look at it, research, ask questions, yeah and we'll make sure we get back to you as soon as we can on that.


Grant: Yeah we're passionate about this brand and Dan is more passionate than me because he's been thinking about this and creating this over the last year I think it has been. 


Dan: It has been a year now 


Grant: Yeah a lot of research. I mean even finding somebody to create the product for you I mean all the packaging design you guys this is all his creation right it's pretty amazing so if you love Danny McBride which, I don't know anybody who doesn't, 


Dan: There might be a couple of people! 


Grant: Right? No, I'm kidding, but you know this is all Dan's creation he's done a fantastic job I'm super proud of you dude and, and, I really am excited about the opportunity to be a part of this brand. 


Thank you for asking for me to join or you know bringing the opportunity for me. I'm very excited about it. But we also want to create a product that you guys are passionate about.right? 


Ask questions, you know tell us what you want like I said we'll probably run some more surveys in the future. Like some votes on the page where you can, you know, tell us if you want a sleep aid or, a pre-workout or, a protein. Eventually, we hope we have it all right?


Dan: That’s the plan yeah!


Grant: Maybe someday we'll even have something for canines!


Dan: Yeah, that’s another goal too.


Grant: Yeah so we got goals you guys and we do appreciate your support.

Is there anything else? Are there any other questions? Let's check that out...


Rick McBride said; “On my second month of your product (I am too) - I really like the rebound time after my workouts. Cool, that's awesome thank you, Rick McBride. That’s Danny's daddy. You did a good job, man!


Dan: He’s kind of the motivation behind this whole product. That’s another thing I'll talk about is it's; really it's sad to see that just now it seems like companies and the state and the government is finally getting on board to protect our First Responders. 


You're seeing so many firefighters dropping like flies you know due to cancer, heart attacks, it's just it's sad it's really sad and that's... you know I can't create a product that's gonna cure anything I'm not going to ever promise that but, what I'm trying to do and what we're trying to do, is create you know ingredients that can help just to keep your body healthy and to motivate you to want to have a better lifestyle of health.


You know, going to the gym when you get off work instead of going to the bar, um, just eating healthier, cutting-out the sugars, cutting out the fats and all that junk that we put in our body every single day. I still fail at that all the time! 


Grant: Me too.


Dan: But that's that's the goal behind this brand. It is to just motivate. First responders is one thing, but then you got the family members. Family members go through just as much as First Responders do. 


They're kind of the backbone of these First Responders. When they come home they're the support group, they're the ones that love them after they've seen some things they've seen, and that’s what this brand is. It's for First Responders for their families and for those who support First Responders because we were giving back to them. We’re giving back to the family who supports us. 


That's what grant was talking about you know when we come up with a nonprofit organization the big goal for me is to be able to to go to families that have lost somebody or go to departments that don't have a lot of money that their budgets just really low and they can't afford good gear to keep them safe I mean it would be a dream of mine to be able to go to the fire station or a police station say hey here's a check go get yourself some good gear. You know, keep safe. Or, if something tragic happened you know sending some counsellors or people that are trained in that area to just help with the recovery of what this individual had seen. 


You know if somebody comes down with cancer to be able to pay some of those bills for them. Because sometimes those departments don't claim them as, “on the job-related illnesses or sicknesses”. So, you know we'd love to be able to do that too. But that's, that's something in the future but right now we are giving to organizations that do take care of families and First Responders. 


Grant: Yeah and we'll continue to do that. You guys if you're a First Responder and you're watching this either live or on the recording we just want to thank you seriously like and that's what this is this is our this is Dan's way of saying thank you in the biggest way that he knows how to say thank you to his daddy. I tell you I'm an emotional guy but I believe in this product and I believe in the people that we're creating this product for and so we do we really do appreciate you so much if you are a person or if you're serving and protecting your



Dan: You know one thing we haven't mentioned is; the military. I consider military to be a First Responder as well and so don't think we’re all forgetting about you it's just First Responders is a big variety of groups of people and you know, you could be alignment working on the power lines you're a First Responder, you're responding to calls with firefighters.


Grant: Right. 


Dan: You know, you could be a mom and guess what you're a hero too. 


Grant: That's right 


Dan: You know you don't have to be in the field. And I've heard a couple of people say well I'm not a First Responders it's going to be you know it’s not going to be benefiting to me. Well absolutely (it is), like Grant was saying earlier you know this good enough for First Responders it’s going to be good enough for a healthy lifestyle an active lifestyle it's gonna just benefit you it's going to help you out. 


Are there are some more questions in there?


Grant: Oh we got uh... we got Richard yeah. Richard Lux is on here from Seattle.


Dan: Oh from Seattle oh yeah how you doing? I worked Corrections with them and we were security back in the day too. So he's now in law enforcement. Hey, congratulations by the way!


He just graduated from the Academy so, nice, proud of you bro.


So yeah if you guys have any more questions I think we can open it up for a couple more minutes drop some questions on here just shoot something. We'll be happy to answer it and if you think of something later you can email us at I’ll have grant write this in the comments but; info at That's the email and just shoot us a message and email if you have a question or, if you wanna say hi, we're glad to respond as soon as we can. 


Alright, any other questions out there? Oh, we got one!


Ryan: We're trying it on the medivac side of things


Dan: Oh that’s my cousin, what’s up Ryan?


Grant: Cool, cool, so if you guys have any questions we'll stay on for like another 60 seconds unless something jumps out.


Dan: Looks like we got 12 people looking at it right now I don't know who's looking but yeah 


Grant: What's up everybody? Thanks for watching, thanks for hanging out with us live we really do appreciate it. 


I know I could ask you a million stories. I have tons of ideas but if I do fact dan and I stayed up until a couple of weeks ago he said until 4:00 in the morning. He was just telling me stories man it was, it's like crazy what some of the things that Dan went through when he did launch that labor union for over 500 employees at that... it's an immigration prison, right?


Yeah, some of the stories, some of the things that Dan went through and how he figured out how to kind of win that battle was phenomenal dude. 


Dan: Yeah but you know at the same time it was a struggle it was rough I went through some trials, I had depression problems for a while there I wasn't taking care of myself and I was eating crappy I wasn't working out I was just feeling like crap all the time and when I realized what I was doing and where I was headed I decided I had to make a choice I needed to get right I needed to start eating on a regular basis I needed to make sure my meals were worth good food even if I just got out, went for a walk, you know, in the morning or in the evening and I always made sure I started going and working out after work. To kind of relieve that stress. 


And so I encourage you guys that, you know if, you're going through some things...PTSD is a real deal. Suicide is a real deal. 


You need to know you're not weak for asking for help that's one thing I really want to emphasize. Here is that; Ask for help. I talked to somebody and you know what I want to do is open my door up to say if you're going through something and have no one else to talk to; shoot me a message you know I'll call you.


I'll talk to you because that's how much I care. I genuinely care about each and every one of you and I know Grant does too.


I just want to make sure you guys are doing good you guys are getting healthy you guys are keeping your minds right and staying on the right track so you can do your job you know you're out there to do a job you're seeing things day in and day out and you got to be the best you, you can. So you can perform at the highest ability you possibly can so yeah I just want to get that little encouragement there. 


Grant: Cool well, I think on that note we're probably good to end the call. We’ve gone on here for almost exactly 30 minutes 14 seconds. So I think, we achieved, the goal that we came to achieve. Again, you guys, reach out to Dan, in fact, you can even the message us directly on the Facebook page. 


Dan: Yeah.


Grant: Dan will most likely be the one that replies because we're still a small company at this point yeah and then obviously you can also email again info at and, again Dan will probably be the one that answers that question. 


We really do appreciate you once again. First Responders, we love you. Thank you for doing what you do thank you for serving us and we'll do our best to serve you as well and do what we can to improve your life and give back. So, thank you so much, everybody, for being on the phone. 


Dan: Yeah our slogan is; Stay fit, stay alive and I just want to throw that out there too for you guys. Some motivation to stay fit I keep your mind right and you know to be the best you can.


Grant: Once again you can find hero's pack on just go to and search “hero's pack multivitamin” it'll be the first thing that comes up on the search results. You can just click on the listing you'll see a big picture of hero's pack right there on the front and you can purchase it there if you'd like. Otherwise, if you're watching the recording we'll let this go for about 24 hours; drop a comment right? If you're watching, drop a comment, like, possibly share this on your wall if you would and you might be one of the one or two people that we give a free bottle of heroes pack too. So we appreciate you for doing that.


Dan: And then, on Amazon, as well, we got a promotion going on a $10 coupon off right so and it's kind of… it’s for a lot of reasons but Father's Day is coming up so we want to kind of give back to the fathers and if you guys you know amazon FBA so you can do gifts you can have it sent to friends or family and again we appreciate you guys the ones that have gone through and bought already from us and you're giving us awesome feedback we appreciate that. 


We're taking everything you say and you know adjusting things and, making it the best we possibly can so again thank you for believing in us and going out there and purchasing it I've seen a couple you guys saying you're sharing it with some pages law enforcement pages stuff like that I really appreciate that get the word out there. 


If you do have it you take it to work with you you know you can talk to somebody about it you know let us know if people are buying it because of your, your promotion and we can we can we can look into you know maybe give us some more discounts and stuff like that for I those of you that are really pushing this brand we're looking into getting brand ambassadors down the road, get some programs put together some incentives for those of you that are really pushing it for us you know maybe some free product or whatever but yeah, thanks again.


Grant: Yeah we also offer an incentive or lower pricing for people who are registered First Responders well how do they do that?


Dan: Yeah so on our website you can actually go on to a link that will take you to be verified as a First Responder 


Grant: It's right there at the top of the page, right there at the top of the page.


Dan: Yeah, and it's a First Responder discount and once you're verified used takes about 24 hours we think they ask you for like a certificate or a badge or something like that to be verified with and once you're verified you get a lifetime discount code for a company for the brand and you can just you know use as many times you want that's going to be you know lifetime discount going even if you're retired if there's a job that you do that you feel like you're a First Responder they're not they don't view it as that contact us let us know maybe your certificate didn't go through you lost it let us know we'll look into it we'll give you a discount code.


Grant: Volunteers, also? 


Dan: yeah volunteer firefighters military you know correction all you guys nurses, doctors you know just go out yeah you can go over there and get 10% discount code and a lifetime code and yeah…


Grant: What's up Gavin Neal and Anderson I know both you guys could see on here how's it going guys thanks for joining us but we are just about to wrap it up just about 35 minutes we've been live so thank you so much you guys if you see us go live again please jump on and hang out with us. 


We promise to keep it relatively short we know it's a Saturday so people got fun things to go do.


Dan: But this is the person you know first of many we want to connect with you guys we want to connect with our customers we wanted to be able to put a face to a name because that's sometimes the hardest part is you learn about a company and you're like you know there's a lot of scams out there we know that and we want you guys to see who we are we want to introduce ourselves but you know down the road we'd like to get together like a podcast and have some interviews with First Responders like Chiefs just you know everybody that works in the field and have some conversations tell us you know what you're going through some of the struggles some things you've seen work we said those have those conversations so...


Grant: Yeah, if you're willing to in fact be willing to be a First Responder who would come out and be interviewed on our page we actually would love to you to reach out and you can email us. We already spoke about that (the email address) it's inside the comments.


But you can email us let Dan know that you would be willing to come out and just talk to other First Responders maybe you have a couple of stories you want to share or maybe one really important story you know that's something that's happened in your life or in your career and we would just love to talk to you get to know you more right so and really put our real heroes (on here) because we’re nice guys but, you know... well, you're my hero.


Dan: You're my hero too. 


Grant: My wife is my hero actually she puts up with a lot so but yeah if you're a real hero we would love to bring you out and showcase you and your story and whatever it is that you're passionate about so I think with that we're gonna end the call love you guys see you later right have a good one we'll talk to you soon


Dan: Yeah thanks a lot thanks again guys bye everybody bye.