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Story Behind Thin Fit Line

Posted by Dan McBride on

Story Behind Thin Fit Line

 Thin Fit Line is a Vitamin & Supplement brand that was created specifically for you, our First Responders! I grew up in the First Responder family with my Father being a Firefighter since before I was even born and then moving his way up the ranks to Engineer, Fire Captain & Fire Commissioner. Currently having over 37 years under his belt!

I was always part of the fire family. Visiting the fire station, climbing up in the fire trucks, having multiple “uncles” at the station and even being part of the local parades. When it came time for my dad to head off to work, I remember watching him leave for his shift, not knowing if he would come home for sure the next day.

When a member of your family is involved in any part of public safety, the whole family is. My dad’s dedication to duty eventually led me to follow in his footsteps which started out as a Volunteer Firefighter around the age of 18 and eventually transitioning into Law Enforcement as a Corrections Officer with Homeland Security and also Juvenile Detention with Chelan County.

Knowing the common struggles of a First Responder such as; long shifts, lack of energy, mental exhaustion and overall lack of time (Just to name a few) I understand how easy it is to put yourself into the never ending cycle of unhealthy habits, such as lack of sleep, eating convenient food from fast food restaurants, gas stations etc. AND of course overdosing on Energy Drinks, Coffee or whatever we can get our hands on to get our fix, which ultimately results in feeling like absolute crap because of it.

I personally, finally realized this after it was almost too late! I needed a better lifestyle and quick! An individual can only handle so much junk before you start shutting down, not only physically but mentally. I began to make the proper steps into creating this better lifestyle after seeking help from counselors, they recommended that I join a gym, consume nutritious food or purchase a meal plan and start taking Vitamins and Supplements.

When researching different supplement brands and products, I came to realize there was actually NOTHING made for us First Responders!

For My Dad, My Hero. For Our First Responders.

So began the idea and creation of Thin Fit Line along with our flagship product HEROES PACK which is 6 complete formulas placed into 1 convenient travel size pack that is laser focused on the needs of First Responders and assists you in getting to the peak of your performance that you desire!

Thin Fit Line not only creates products with you in mind but we also give back to non profit organizations that focus on you, our First Responders. Our non profit partners are Next Rung & Blue H.E.L.P. and we also give back to the fallen and their families with: Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) and National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

Dan McBride
Founder Thin Fit Line

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