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    Aaron C.

    It is an very awesome product

    Kayla H.

    I am an active stay at home mom who fell in love with this product! I currently take a prenatal while nursing a 5 month old. The one thing I noticed I was lacking in my prenatal and diet is a good dose of omega-3’s. I felt foggy, sluggish, my joints hurt and my brain felt like it was being ****** dry. Not only does this product have one of the higher amounts of omega-3’s I’ve ever seen in a fish oil, it also has one of the highest amount of DHA and EPA counts as well. It literally took a day to notice the positive cognitive affects and changes this supplement had on my body. I feel more alert, more awake and an ability to stay ahead during the day. I also love that this supplement doesn’t give you “fish breath” and is easier on the stomach. I highly recommend this product. I feel as though everyone will benefit from taking this supplement by gaining more omega-3, DHA and EPA in their diets.

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    Trystan D.

    The omega 3 fish oil pills are a no brainer for me! Like the vitamin packs, it’s the perfect way to start the day.

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    Adam V.

    I haven't taken a fish oil supplement in years until recently trying TA Omega 3. I noticed an almost immediate reduction in some nagging joint inflammation I was having. And no fishy taste or burps. I'd recommend it to anyone who needs to increase their essential fatty acids.

    Denise D.

    Your omega 3 fish oil pills work amazing along with your multi vitamins packets. The one thing I have noticed that I do. To have an after taste nor burp up a fishy taste. I have tried many different fish oil pills and these are the first to do so well.

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