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    David S.

    Love these products!!

    Thinline Anthem O.T. Protein (Protein + BCAA's) Review
    Anna H.

    This has great taste. The amount of protein is great too!

    Thinline Anthem O.T. Protein (Protein + BCAA's) Review
    Andrew W.

    The O.T. Vanilla Protein is delicious. It's got a great vanilla flavor without being too overpowering or dense, something I can't stand after a hardcore workout. After I finish my workout I feel ready to go and **** the work day without feeling sore or rough.

    Thinline Anthem O.T. Protein (Protein + BCAA's) Review
    Michael R.

    Took the picture I did so no one can doubt that I have used every bit of my first tub of OT Protein. It was hands down the BEST chocolate protein I’ve ever tasted! Tastes exactly like a rich chocolate milkshake. I’ve seen really good results from using it with my 2 hour + workouts, 6 days a week. I’ve been less sore after and steadily seen my strength go up each week. And that’s saying something for me. I’ve always been a hard gainer and had poor recovery windows despite trying a lot of different recommendations. Finally, really looking forward to continuing to support this brand and the good work they’re doing while knowing for certain I’m also getting a fantastic product in the process. Well worth the money and I can’t recommend it enough!

    Thinline Anthem O.T. Protein (Protein + BCAA's) Review
    Veronica B.

    So good! This is one of the only protein shakes that I actually crave and look forward to EVERYDAY. Blends so smooth which I like to add it in with coconut milk, banana, spinach, and almond butter.

    Thinline Anthem O.T. Protein (Protein + BCAA's) Review
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