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Victor T.

Great affordable product, particularly comparing to some other brands I’ve used. I love that the sleep enhancer isn’t part of a pack like other brands too, so I can choose when to utilize that. Heard about the product through the #itsneededpodcast.

Will G.

Being a correctional officer for the past 7 years has taking a toll on my body working weird hours, early mornings and late nights. I would always feel tired and I would always have to grab an energy drink or 2-3 cups of coffee to stay awake at the end of the day. But after taking the reload and night shift combo has helped me tremendously. I haven’t needed any type of energy drink or multiple cups of coffee each day. My body and mind feel great. Thanks thin line anthem for finally making an awesome product.

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Kyle G.

Love this combo!!! Night Shift help me get great sleep during the day. Reload helps me feel great and have entergy to work all night without a single Entergy drink.

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Kyle G.

All I can say is awsome products! Being on night shif, Night Shift really helps me sleep during the day. I can tell a huge difference with my overall health and energy with Reload. Highly recommend both products.

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Larry S.

The night shift has allowed me to sleep better than I have in a long time. The Reload gives me the boost I need to get thru the day with dragging.

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