April 05, 2022 3 min read

Any new habit may have challenging beginnings. But with a little time, nearly anything can become habitual. 

In this case, we're talking about a habit that has incredible benefits, so let's take a look at 6 tips you can use to get exercising (almost) every day.

  1. Schedule it. The number one reason people claim they don't exercise regularly is a lack of time. That’s simply lying to yourself. You make time for a variety of other things every day: eating meals, taking a shower, driving to and from work, television, social media, and more. 

So make an appointment with yourself to get the exercise your body needs to be as healthy as it can possibly be. After all, there are people counting on you. 

  1. Find a workout buddy. The number two reason people don't exercise is boredom or loneliness. Get out there with a good friend or your significant other. It's a good time to spend with others and can definitely make things a lot more enjoyable. 

A workout partner will also make you feel a greater sense of responsibility; no one likes to let other people down. It's a little easier to think, "I'll do it tomorrow," when we know there isn't someone depending on us.

  1. Change it up. Come up with a variety of activities. There's no reason you can't swim one day, walk the next, and play some basketball the day after that. So think about everything the world has to offer and keep yourself entertained as well. Joining a sports league could take care of a lot of your exercise needs.

  1. Take it easy. Perhaps you remember high school and the 5-minute mile you used to run on the track team too well. Trying to perform at your old levels can be discouraging. Plus, it’s a sure-fire way to get injured or so sore you never want to exercise again. 

So, if you haven't been active lately, a little reality will serve you better. Ease into the first few weeks. As long as you're getting comfortably tired by the end of your workout, you're on the right track.

Listen, you don't need to finish your workout on the ground in a breathless heap. Some days that level of intensity is great. Others, you just need a nice slow walk. Consistency, not intensity, is the real secret to making exercise a daily habit. 

  1. Make it easy to exercise. Driving halfway across town in rush hour traffic is enough for anyone to find an excuse to skip a day. The truth is that a health club really isn't necessary. A simple set of weights, a jump rope, some running shoes, or a ruck are probably all you really need. Even a basketball goal in your driveway or a tennis court down at the park will do the trick.

There’s a reason the military uses little more than calisthenics and running to get their people into shape--it’s always available. Make it easy enough to exercise that you don't have a good excuse not to head out the door.

  1. Track your progress. It's a lot easier to stay interested and motivated when you can see some real progress. Fortunately, progress comes quickly at the beginning of any exercise program. So devise a test of your fitness that you can do occasionally. It can be simple, like how many pushups you can do, or how long it takes you to walk a mile. 

Measure backward and remind yourself how far you’ve come. Measuring backward is far more motivating than looking ahead to big goals that could take months or years to achieve. 

Exercising daily is a great addition to include your life. It can be challenging to get into the habit, but relatively easy to stick with it after the initial period has passed. Get out there with a friend and have some fun every day! You'll be healthier, feel better, and look better.

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