August 05, 2022 2 min read

What do you hear and say when you talk to yourself? 

Is it mostly positive? Or does it tend to be critical and judgemental? 

We ask because it matters. According to  Forbes, “The line between failure and success can come down to something as simple as self-talk.” They went on to say, “What we tell ourselves, whether fact or fiction, reflects how we see ourselves in the world.”

This idea of how we see ourselves shows up in our careers, our body, our relationships, and more. 

Below are 18 self-talk statements you can use to change or empower the way you talk to yourself about exercise. 

  1. My exercise routine helps me achieve new levels of wellbeing.
  2. My exercise routine is part of my overall strategy to stay healthy. 
  3. My fitness goals are realistic. 
  4. My exercise habits fit my lifestyle and I can work out during the best time of the day for me. 
  5. My plan coordinates nicely with my life, work, and family obligations. 
  6. My exercise routine is balanced for both my body and mind. 
  7. I am happy with the exercise combinations I use. 
  8. My flexibility and agility are better than ever. 
  9. I reduce stress and recharge in my exercise sessions.
  10. My health gets stronger with each workout. 
  11. I keep track of my progress and note the changes in my body. 
  12. I am inspired by these positive changes. They motivate me to exercise when I would prefer to be doing something else instead.
  13. I am patient with my body and know how far I can push it without hurting myself. 
  14. I am flexible with my routine but still work out consistently. 
  15. I am proud of my accomplishments while I exercise. 
  16. My confidence grows each time I work out. 
  17. Today, I recognize the power of my exercise routine. 
  18. I am strong of mind and body and I owe it all to my exercise regimen.

Now, here’s an interesting and perhaps strange trick that seems to make the above self-talk statements work even better. Instead of sayin My or I, put your name in the statement as if you’re talking in the third person. 

For instance…

If your name was John then “I am patient with my body and know how far I can push it without hurting myself.” would become: “John is patient with his body and knows how far he can push it without hurting himself.”

It’s awkward for sure. Even so, it seems to shut down the critic in your brain that doesn’t want to accept “I” statements. Give it a try,

And oh by the way, these self-talk tips aren’t just for exercise. They work on the job, in relationships, with food, and more. 

We’ve found the best time to use third person self talk is when you’re facing a situation where you either need to increase performance or avoid getting off track (like talking yourself into working out when you really don’t want to.)

Give these and other self-talk statements a try.

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