January 25, 2022 3 min read

It’s hard to believe that one simple food you’ve known about your entire life could be so damn good for you. 

After all, it seems like everyday we’re being told about some new, exotic superfood that you simply “must” add to your diet. 

But the surprising truth is, one of the easiest to find foods on the planet could be exactly what you need to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and all-cause mortality. 

We’re talking about the good ol’ apple. 

More and more studies are proving that the old folk wisdom of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is remarkably accurate. 

And in fact, according to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, two apples may be even better. 

Studies suggest two apples per day helped lower elevated LDL (the bad) cholesterol and reduce triglyceride levels. 

Consuming more apples also seems to help lower the risk of asthma and type II diabetes.

Another review shows eating apples daily has beneficial effects on inflammation, vascular function, and lipid metabolism. 

Pretty amazing for such a common fruit. 

When choosing apples, you do want to choose organic as often as possible. Fortunately, organic prices have come way down over the years and organic is much easier to find thanks to stores like Costco andWalmart making them mainstream. 

The main reason for choosing organic is to reduce your exposure to pesticides. If you can’t get organic, make sure you rinse your apples before eating. 


If you’re going to eat a regular dose of apples, you’ll probably want to buy them by the bag. The best way to keep them fresh is to keep them in their own drawer in the refrigerator… or if you have a cellar or garage and it’s cold, you could store them there too. Just make sure they stay in sight so you remember to eat them. 

Fair warning, because apples let off a gas as they ripen, they can cause other fruits and veggies to ripen too quickly if stored together. 

Avoid Juices

What makes the apple so good for you is the skin and the fiber. That’s where all the good stuff lives. When you drink apple juice (or any fruit juice for that matter) all that goodness is usually filtered out. Plus, most fruit juices also add sugar. So stick to the whole fruit. If you must drink your apples, try a cider which keeps the pulp and often has less sugar. Even so, whole apples are best. 

Apple Pairings

If you eat 1-2 apples per day, you might start to wonder if there are other foods that could give your apple a boost. 

We, of course, love peanut butter on apple slices. 

Here’s another tasty hack… 

Slice up an apple into cubes. In a small bowl combine apples and just enough fig balsamic vinegar to lightly coat the apples. Stick in the fridge for about 30 minutes and enjoy it as a desert. You can add other fruits like grapes and berries to the mixture too. We’d put a bowl of fresh sliced fruit with balsamic up against a bowl of ice cream any day of the week. Soooo good. 

And another way to eat apples… 

Oven-baked apple chips: Core apple and slice very thinly or with a mandoline. Place on a lightly greased baking sheet or parchment paper. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Bake at 225 degrees F for one hour (higher temperatures can burn the apples). Flip apple slices and bake for up to 1 hour more or until apple chips feel dry. Transfer to a cooling rack and let cool completely.

We think you get the idea…

There are lots of ways to enjoy apples (just google it). 

So, enjoy more apples. And as you do, you’ll be taking care of your body by giving it key nutrients it needs to take care of you, those you serve, and those you love. 

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Stay safe out there.

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