November 21, 2019 2 min read

The number one supplement brand for First Responders is proud to announce its new name – along with the launch of three revolutionary products

November 2019 - - Turn up the volume, stomp your feet and get your vocal chords going; the First Responder supplements brand you all know and love is relaunching as Thinline Anthem and what it’s got in store will be music to your ears.

Staying true to its roots as THE supplement choice for First Responders all over America, its new name promises to unite all members of our courageousThin Linefamily in health, happiness and heroism. 

Its two flagship products – Heroes Pack (rebranded as ‘Reload’) and Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules – will continue to sell, boasting the same great ingredients which make them so popular,along with the launch of three brand new supplements:

Night Shift’:A revolutionary new sleep formula promising to deliver a relaxation boost, lower anxiety and increase melatonin.

O.T. Protein’:A chocolate-flavored protein powder giving added strength, quick recovery and a much-needed energy boost.

Code3’:A punchy pre-workout powder for on-the-jobperformance.

Founder Dan McBride says: "This is an exciting upgrade! Thinline Anthem was chosen to better describe the heart of the brand, and that is to amplify the importance of mental and physical health in the Thin Line Family, our First Responders.

“We are not your typical supplement brand that solely gets you jacked and pumped for the gym; we focus on your overall health that sustains you at home, on the job AND at the gym.”

Thinline Anthem promises to continue the good fight, one First Responder at a time.

Will you join the revolution?

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About Thinline Anthem

‘The first for First Responders’

Founded by ex-First Responder Dan McBride in 2017, who credits his firefighting father as the motivating force behind the brand, along with his own on-the-job experience which demonstrated the real need for a product that First Responders could rely on, Thinline Anthem aims to redefine the dietary supplements industry by creating products that go beyond the marketing hype.

That's why their goal is not only to create game-changing products that do justice to their promise, but also to support those who put their lives on the line for their communities by offering them a helping hand.

Thinline Anthem is also proud to be working alongside two non-profit charity partners, Blue H.E.L.P and Next Rung, both fighting tirelessly against stigma surrounding First Responder mental health and suicide. 

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