July 29, 2019 2 min read

At Thinline Anthem, we care about our First Responder family like they are our own - because they are.

We see and hear the call for help from you - our brothers and sisters - struggling with mental health both on and off the job. Whether it’s PTSD, depression or suicidal thoughts, you must remember that you are not alone – we’ve all been there.

This is why we have partnered with not one but two incredible organizations that we have personally spoken with and, therefore, trust, providing peer support, practical and financial assistance for licensed counseling and overall awareness and training to both First Responder departments and the general public on the issue of mental health.

We don’t need to explain the importance to you of ‘not if but when’, which is why we make sure to help fund these organizations for when the time comes for you to talk to a First Responder peer or professional who know the field, understands your trauma and is able to provide you with the right resources. You need someone who actually cares about you as a person, and we are proud to be working with the right people who tick all those boxes. 

It's tough - I understand this from experience - but we all know deep down that that when we find someone real who both cares and understands, we are more willing to open up and ask them for the help we so desperately need. And remember, saving your own life will – in turn – save countless others, once you’re back fighting fit and being the superhero that you were born to be. It’s just the way us First Responders were built.

We’ve got your back, ALWAYS. Just think of us as your very own, direct and personal 911 call.

What’s YOUR emergency?

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