February 22, 2022 2 min read

If you want to possibly lower your chance of experiencing…

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Cognitive decline
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Frailty as you age
  • Death from any cause

… then this might be the most important information you read this week. 

But if you live in America, there’s a problem… you’re not getting enough of one critical type of food that could help you keep these diseases at bay. 

We’re talking about mushrooms. 

Why mushrooms? 

Because new research from as recently as April 2021 shows that those who consumed mushrooms (compared to those who didn’t) had a 16% LOWER overall mortality risk. 

Reduction in mortality shot up to 35% when mushrooms were consumed daily. 

What Makes Mushrooms Special? 

It turns out mushrooms contain more of an amino acid called L-ergothioneine than just about any other food source. 

And just like your body can’t make  essential amino acids, your body can’t make L-ergothioneine either. It has to be consumed. Researchers believe higher mushroom consumption could be one of the key reasons Europeans live longer than we do here in America. 

Italy for instance has a life expectancy around 84 years compared to our 79 and they eat almost 4x the mushrooms we eat. 

What Exactly Does L-ergothioneine Do?

It seems that L-ergothioneine is essential in shielding our DNA from damage like UV radiation  and telomere shortening from oxidation. 

In other words, L-ergothioneine may be as powerful (in a slightly different way) as antioxidants found in  fruits and vegetables like  apples and leafy greens. 

L-ergothioneine may even act as a sort of internal sunscreen since it’s been shown to absorb UV radiation.   

What all this means is that L-ergothioneine found in mushrooms may help slow signs of aging and age-related illnesses. 

Pass the Mushrooms, Please!

Personally, we love a nice thick portabella mushroom on the grill. But there are literally hundreds of ways to prepare and consume more mushrooms. 

A quick google search for “mushroom recipes” yielded pages and pages worth of articles.  

But what if you don’t want to learn to cook with mushrooms, or don’t have the time? 

You could start adding mushrooms on that next sub, pizza, or burger you’re already eating. Every bit helps. 

The next best solution is to at least get some mushrooms through a supplement like our  Reload.  Reload contains 250mg of Cordycep extract (a type of mushroom believed to also increase energy) plus a whole lot of  other ingredients your body needs to perform at its best. 

To be fair, Reload willnot provide all the L-ergothioneine you need in a day but it is a nice insurance policy for the days you’re not getting enough.

To learn more about our supplements and how they could support you in living longer and stronger  go here

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